A gleaming and often reflective chromaticism, occasionally grainy and creased, as fluid as the ocean tides or as vibrant as the blood in our veins. Surreal voyages and optical illusions...


Inspired by the culture, traditions, passions and vibrancy of his native Naples, Roberto Fiorentino’s artworks exude the freedom and vitality of this unique and radiant city.
Born in 1969, Roberto’s creative talent began to develop as a young teenager. Fascinated by his roots, his hometown, native land, the cradle of culture, myths and amazing tales, he displayed an innate ability to capture complex and powerful narratives with a flair and simplicity that can be universally understood.
After graduating in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, Roberto travelled between Naples and London, honing his skills and gaining recognition as a gifted, professional artist.
Characterised by evocative flowing themes, alive with colour and energy, Roberto’s work has received much critical acclaim after exhibitions in New York, Miami, Florence, Sorrento, Milan, Naples and elsewhere.


As an artist, I look for the hidden narratives that reveal the magnificence of a moment.
Neither abstract imagery or literal interpretation, my work captures the emotional essence contained in fragments of the world around me.
With impetuous, instinctive artistry, I depict a unique and intensely chromatic perspective that exposes life’s raw visceral beauty.

" He assaults the canvas recklessly with blends of colour and between those splashes of paint, he creates figures which immediately vanish "

Delio Salottolo

" The creative process is similarly unrestrained, testifying a completely impetuous and instinctive artistic sense, free from any rational intricacies."

Giorgio Salzano

" The spontaneous and optimistic art of Fiorentino, typified by lightness and movement, transports us to a bustling parallel universe where “what you see” is always the right answer. "

Giorgio Salzano

" In his pictorial expression, the bright, glistening characteristics dominate his work, a purely recreational act, unaffected by any sort of logical complexity. "

Maria Savarese


  • Red Dot Miami - Rubber Stamp art project, Dec. 2016, Miami USA
  • Offshore - weGallery - Bacardi Sailing Week, March 2016, Miami USA - solo
  • Spectrum Art Fair 2015, Miami USA - fair, solo
  • Purely - October 2014 - Jan. 2015 - Poltrona Frau - New York, USA - solo
  • Personale - June 2014 - Spazio Ruoppo - Sorrento, Italy - solo
  • No Code - May 2012 - Galleria Cellamare - Napoli, Italy - group
  • Arte Nascosta - December 2011 - Arte Nascosta - Napoli, Italy - group
  • Giallo di Napoli - December 2009 - Castel dell'Ovo - Napoli, Italy - group
  • In the mix! - April 2008 - Trip Galleria - Napoli, Italy - solo
  • Vacuum - March 2007 - Studio Argento - Milano, Italy - solo
  • Vacuum - June 2006 - Pica Gallery - Napoli, Italy - solo
  • Personale - December 2005 - Contempora Studio - Firenze, Italy - solo
  • Il mito Della Caverna - December 2002 - Pezzi unici Modernissimi - Napoli, Italy - solo
  • Art for Mayfair - November 1996 - Lansdowne House Gallery - London, UK - group
  • Abstract Art - October 1994 - Mayfair Galleries - London, Uk - group



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